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“…declaring to you the counsel of God.” – Acts 20:27

2021 Archive

Week 49

Day 256- Blessed Beyond Curse
Daniel 1:21
Daniel was painfully uprooted from his home and exiled into Babylon. Despite all the challenges in a foreign land, Daniel remained faithful to Yahweh. 
Day 255- Blessing in Disguise
2 Timothy 2:3
Adversity is an opportunity to reach into the God-ordained resources within us, exercise dormant capacities, and grow. May God’s grace abound toward us, in Jesus’ name!
Day 254- Mission
Mark 2:15
If Christians are going to be an effective vehicle of the Gospel, as Jesus intended it, we would need to shed the we-and-them attitude that seems to prevail between us and those outside our fold.
Day 253- Care
Hebrews 13:1
The legendary reggae musician, Bob Marley said, “True friends are like stars… you only recognize them when it’s dark around you…there may be lots of faces in merry times, but only genuine ones stay in adversity.
Day 252- Graciousness
1 Peter 3:15
It is easy to be judgmental or gleefully pontificate about the life of others. But we have to share the gospel with humility, being mindful of our (own) fallibility.

Week 50

Day 261- Just Ignore Them
Luke 9:54
Under the new covenant, we are not to invoke imprecations on our adversaries; let’s pray that they would see the vindication and elevation of JEHOVAH EL ROI — the Lord who sees — in our life!
Day 260- Integrity
Joshua 24:16
Remember, anyone who takes things from the Devil today is mortgaging their future to wicked spirits. No matter the challenges, let’s give our allegiance to YAHWEH only…
Day 259- Calm
Philippians 4:7
There is tranquility for us in God’s manifest presence even amid life’s turmoil. Regardless of the situation, may you and yours enjoy the peace of JEHOVAH SHALOM
Day 258- Contrition
Luke 18:13
God delights in those who acknowledge their shortcomings but recognize their sufficiency only in Christ Jesus. May the Lord God break down, remold, and fill us with His Spirit for His mission.
Day 257- Reminder
John 3:3
 Like Nicodemus, many are religious but are not committed to the Lord. It is all right to attend church, but that is not the same as becoming born again or saved.

Week 47

Day 246- Appreciation
Philippians 1:3
We may occasionally find one person who, despite imperfection, genuinely has our interest at heart. We need to appreciate, celebrate, and say a prayer for such kind people.
Day 245- Alone but Not Lonely
Genesis 32:24
Real, bone-chilling loneliness is not having the glorified presence of God. Let’s invest time with Yahweh in prayer, and we will enjoy the best company in Jesus’ name!
Day 244- Honor Roll
Proverbs 22:1
A good name is about reflecting exemplary characters of high repute – humility, integrity, and compassion. Since it takes time and effort to build, we must not seek to soil anyone’s name as we seek to protect ours.
Day 243- Abundant Life
John 10:10
The intention of our archenemy cannot be any clearer – to inflict maximum damage and death. On the contrary, God gives grace. He gives greater grace, which defeats sin.
Day 242- Access
Ephesians 3:12
Yahweh has thankfully done away with the elaborate protocols for getting into His holy presence. Regardless of status, the cross is all we need.

Week 48

Day 251- Enforcing JAH's Authority
James 5:18
We build an altar for God when we pray fervently. Though God does not change, He uses our prayers to effect changes in the spiritual and physical realms.
Day 250- Heaven's Attention
Psalm 50:15
Yahweh is never tired of taking frequent calls about our troubles. Let’s call upon the covenant-keeping God — He will answer and give us reasons to glorify Him, in Jesus’ name!
Day 249- Blessed Thoughts
3 John 1:2
It is not God’s will for anyone, to live in abject poverty – it is not the same as humility. God does not intend that His children live in ill-health – it does not promote spirituality.
Day 248- As Unto God
Matthew 25:40
Part of worshipping Yahweh is our attitude towards ordinary and less privileged in society: It includes sharing our meal with the hungry…
Day 247- Guilty Conscience
Genesis 50:15
Joseph did not need to seek retribution for the evil his brothers meted against him; the pull on their guilty conscience was tormenting enough.

Week 45

Day 236 - Sense of Gratitude
1 Timothy 6:7
We must not forget to bless the memory of those who have contributed toward our wellbeing.
Day 235 - Vanity
1 Timothy 6:7
There is no need to cheat our way or destroy others for wealth, fame, and power. Those who had it all left it all when departing this world. 
Day 234 - Retribution
Psalm 34:21
God would not allow the wicked to continue perpetrating evil upon the godly with impunity.
Day 233 - Spirituality
2 Corinthians 10:4
Regardless of the claims of attention cum money-seeking spiritual charlatans, there are no other ways of waging spiritual battles other than the biblical prescription.
Day 232 - The Gospel
Romans 1:16
The simplicity of the Word and prayer used to be enough for believers. Tragically, we have introduced weird things into mainline Christianity — …

Week 46

Day 241- Be Discreet
Luke 9:36
We need not put everything we see, hear, and know into the open. It is prudent in some situations to remain silent on a matter. Saying the right thing at the wrong time, place, and to the wrong audience might end badly.
Day 240- Ultimate Help
Luke 18:38
There are times when we feel downcast, despised, and lost. The consolation in occasions of vulnerability is not to attend a pity party. Rather such are times to call on the Master for help.
Day 239 - The Living Word
John 17:17
Believers can never overstate the importance of the Word of God. It is crucial to commit to studying the Scriptures; it gives the Holy Spirit access into our life for transformation.
Day 238 - Words Matter
Proverbs 15:4
It is virtually impossible to put back paste into a tube when squeezed out. Similarly, we cannot undo the trajectory of harmful words once they are out,
Day 237 - Enough Will Do
Exodus 16:18
If all would eat to their respective fill and be content with whatever is enough in life, there would be more than enough for everyone. 

Week 43

Day 226 - Even The Strong
Psalm 34:10
The elites of the world are no match for the calamities of life. Therefore, it is prudent to trust in Yahweh, the Creator of the universe, and not rely on human strengths and devices.
Day 225 - The Target
Genesis 3:1
What the arch-enemy of souls desires is to smash our confidence in the written word of God – the Bible. May the Holy Spirit equip us with His Word to defeat every attack of Satan.
Day 224 - Next Level
Lamentations 3:27
the best legacy we can bequeath the next generation is to help them acknowledge their Creator, become industrious, and develop a thick skin for the exigencies of life.
Day 223 - Resolution
1 John 5:21
The idols of personalities, power, wealth, and pure occult sway may seem attractive, but they pollute the spirit and usurp the place of Yahweh in our hearts.
Day 222 - Real Friend
Ruth 1:16
It is hard to find a character like Ruth’s in a world where everyone pursues “what is in it for me?” Ruth had no ulterior motive to follow Naomi, but she did.

Week 44

Day 230 - Fierce Combat
Ephesians 6:12
It is vital to remember that whatever appears natural has already started in the spiritual world. Hence, it would be futile to fight invisible forces with physical means.
Day 230 - Emergency
Psalm 50:15
..The blood of Jesus allows believers to bypass the long protocol of the old covenant and approach God directly in times of need.
Day 229 - Toughness
Epehesians 1:17
Like an athlete, our success in the Christian race does not depend on our physical capacity as stamina. It is imperative to have the mental and emotional fortitude to tolerate the harsh realities of life.
Day 228 - Next to God
1 John 4:20
The test of spirituality is not necessarily speaking in tongues or prophesying; it is about how we treat fellow humans.
Day 227 - Even The Strong
Psalm 34:10
Due to the fall, the world’s elite classifies people by wealth, fame, and power. Such a rule has consigned everyone else to the status of a leper. Thankfully, God does not regard us that way.

Week 41

Day 216- Coals of Fire
Genesis 50:15
Out of guilt and arrogance, offenders may turn a blind eye to their wrongs. But, they live with a convicted conscience, which often results in paranoia.
Day 215- Rapport
Matthew 7:6
Every healthy relationship is reciprocal. Thus do not waste any investment on a party that does not cherish your friendship.
Day 214 -Salvation
John 3:3
It is alright to preach about prosperity, healing, prophecies, etc. But it is scary to leave out the most crucial message of the Church – salvation.
Day 213 -Vindication
Daniel 1:21
Throughout his life, Daniel contended with the forces of denigration, distraction, and destruction. But due to his faith and dedication, He overcame his enemies.
Day 212 -Praying
Romans 8:26
By biblical standard, none can become a master at praying – we are all students. However, with the help of the Holy Spirit, our feeble attempts reach God when we approach Him by faith.

Week 42

Day 221- Protection
Daniel 6:20
The advancement of wickedness in the heart has turned many into ferocious, hungry lions. Our only fortification is to remain faithful to Yahweh.
Day 220- Holiness
Luke 24:50
Bethany means a “house of figs,” implying that God is committed to both the spiritual and physical sustenance of His children.
Day 219- Holiness
Isaiah 6:7
Yahweh is all-powerful, loving, etcetera. But holiness is what distinguishes Him from false deities. Hence, God requires His people to be holy as well.
Day 218- Don't Envy
James 3:16
Envy is a destructive emotion that eats up the humanity of its victims like acid – it destroys intellectual capacity and obliterates the sense of reason
Day 217- Elements of Prayer
Job 37:19
Our undisputed prayer coach, the Holy Spirit, often directs us to approach God along these lines: Adoraiton, Confession, Thanks and Supplication. 

Week 39

Day 206 -Entry Permit Esther 5:2
Thanks to the blood, we can also boldly approach Yahweh in times of need without an appointment. May the Lord grant us His undivided attention in Jesus’ name!
Day 205 -Kill Your Ego Philippians 2:3
One of the factors that undermine unity and peaceful coexistence is uncontrolled ego. Remember, we are nothing without the mercies of God. 
Day 204 -Not Abandoned Isaiah 50:7
 The truth is that Satan does not own anything neither has the Creator made him a custodian over a single stone. May Yahweh deliver us from this evil one.
Day 203 -Master Trickster Matthew 4:9
 The truth is that Satan does not own anything neither has the Creator made him a custodian over a single stone. May Yahweh deliver us from this evil one.
Day 202 -Yahweh's Design Romans 8:28
It is a given for humans to have ambitions. Yet God’s PURPOSE trumps any individual’s interest; it is more important than anyone’s (personal) desires.

Week 40

Day 211 -The Battle Continues!
2 Corinthians 10:3
Despite abundant false spiritual claims, believers cannot overcome Satan by psychic tricks and atmospheric powers.
Day 210 -Contrition Luke 19:5
Zacchaeus would be the last person on any citizen’s visitation list. Yet, for admitting his sinfulness and signaling willingness to change, the dreaded tax man won the Lord’s favor.
Day 209 -Protective Grace Hebrews 11:23
Given human wickedness, dangers would always loom around people with great potentials. Thankfully, God always raises courageous and compassionate guardians.
Day 208 -Cyber Harassment Exodus 20:16
Like a double-edged sword, social media is helpful if we use it as a tool to enhance wellbeing. But tragically, people often weaponize this neutral medium to destroy others. 
Day 207 -Insanity Romans 1:26-27
if we don’t have enough challenges already. Now, we have to contend with people who celebrate their confused sexual orientation.

Week 37

Day 196 -Double For Your Trouble Job 42:10
Job’s breakthrough came when he interceded for, blessed, and forgave his not too friendly friends. Similarly, investing in the good of others sometimes opens doors for us.
Day 195 -Attitude Shift Ephesians 4:23
Since the fall, humankind has operated according to the sinful nature that seeks to satiate our ego. But believers ought to think differently and aim higher than that;
Day 194 -Thank you, Jesus
Isaiah 43:25
Since the fall of Adam, sin has always separated creation from the Creator and disastrously stunted our wellbeing on earth.
Day 193 -Spiritual Covering
Job 1:5
Let us not fail to regularly intercede for the youth and bequeath them a legacy of the fear of YAHWEH.
Day 192 -Healing Grace
Colossians 6:18
No matter the pain of a physical wound, we can at least put a band-aid on it. But how do we treat bruises that we cannot see? Invisible pains of the mind or emotions are perhaps the most devastating.

Week 38

Day 201 -Against All Odds Luke 6:37
It is dangerous to sit as a prosecutor, judge, and executioner over others, especially when we do not have all the facts. Such attitude is not only hypocritical; it is also self-righteous.
Day 200 -Against All Odds Genesis 26:22
No one can write you off as a failure unless you quit trying. Like Isaac, let’s not stop digging until God grants us “another well” of peace, joy, and fulfillment in Jesus’ name!
Day 199 -Circumspection Ephesians 5:15
The Holy Spirit will not do for us things that require intellectual capacity and basic natural sense…some situations require the use of brainpower, which is also a gift from Yahweh
Day 198 -Human Nature 2 Thessalonians 3:2
Not all people we meet mean well. We must remember at least four categories: Draggers, Weight, Lifters and Thrusters.
Day 197 -The Holy Bible Psalm 119:165
The written Word – believe it for salvation; meditate upon it for peace of mind and emotional stability; obey it for wisdom in a crooked world.

Week 35

Day 186 -Psalm 75:5-7
It is not in humans to raise anyone to greatness – that is God’s prerogative; He rejected arrogant, flamboyant Saul but lifted the lowly, unflashy David.
Day 185 -Proverbs 21:31
False Start
As mortals, we may have the skills to strategize and set lofty goals, but they would be futile if we fail to recognize that God has the last word
Day 184 -Isaiah 26:4
Rock of Ages
While we live in a fallen world, there will be various adversities, but none of them should be able to overthrow our confidence in the Living Go
Day 183 -2 Chronicles 20:4
Genuine Help
Remember, there is a price for every assistance in the world – and it is not pleasant. Regardless of teasing promises of humans or spirits, turn only to Yahweh.
Day 182 -1 Thessalonians 2:7
We must not exacerbate the already challenging details of life by pressurizing ourselves through incessant demands and unrealistic expectations. 

Week 36

Day 191 -Isaiah 43:21
Little Flock
It is refreshing to know that God has a few faithful ones in every generation; like the illustrative stones in the words of Jesus, these would always acknowledge and praise YAHWEH
Day 190 -Matthew 4:4
Beyond Food
Bread in this context connotes that which sustains us biologically. But there are also the spiritual, emotional, and mental dimensions to life.
Day 189 -Isaiah 31:5
Anyone who relies on Yahweh is His investment through the finished work. May the CROSS cross out every diabolic plot against you and yours.
Day 188 -Isaiah 40:31
Like the Eagle
Some of us may not have been born with greatness, but by the grace of God, maturity makes us the sought-after for many. May you grow gracefully, in Jesus’ name!
Day 187 -1 Peter 5:10
Fire Tested
What does not mar you makes you; do not despise any of life’s experiences – God uses them to make us tic.

Week 33

Day 176 -Psalm 73:25
All We Have
“…like helpless Joseph in Egypt, many of us have no other but God. Therefore, we must comport ourselves as strangers in this wicked and ungodly world.”
Day 175 -Proverbs 30:6
Keep It Plain
The Lord does not require anyone to embellish or sugar-coat His Word. Let’s stick to the simplicity of the gospel, for therein is the power of the Holy Spirit.
Day 174 -Philippians 2:4
As believers, the Holy Spirit has created a new character in us – the ability to look out for other people’s wellbeing.
Day 173 -John 3:16
Good News
The compassionate Creator figured out a way by the incarnation of His Word to atone for our sin through the cross. We must focus on this truth…
Day 172 -Psalm 4:4
Vent It, Don't Dent It
Thank God we can let out emotional steam, albeit not with excesses or resorting to evil.

Week 34

Day 181 -1 Thess 5:25
Prayer Force
The most potent force for protection and sustenance that God has provided for believers is the power of intercession. 
Day 180 -1 Thess 5:28
Our Wits End
“…Covid-19 pandemic has “pierced our illusion of certainty and control.” This sobering reality calls all to double down on humility so we can have more grace.
Day 179 -Psalm 146:1-2
Simply saying hallelujah is often the best expression of faith in Yahweh. Praise the Lord!
Day 178 -Philippians 4:7
It Comes from Above
Despite the busyness of life, it is crucial to take a little time to commit the details of our situation to God in prayer – to have peace.
Day 177 -Psalm 118:17
Fly It High
God has countered us among the living only means He expects much more from us – in flying high the flag of His divine course.

Week 31

With the increasing display of human wickedness and hostility in an ungodly world, we must never forget we have the only place to turn – to our Creator and object of worship.
Day 165 -Genesis 30:27
Valued in Christ
Everyone deserves the space to flourish and be celebrated; not for others to use and discard. Remember, God has ordained worth in you.
Day 164 -Genesis 28:20
 In the order of priority, our life as believers should center on two things: The presence of God and the daily provision of our basic needs.
Day 163 -Proverbs 31:30
Wisdom for Living
For a while, people may pretend, but like running water, a bad attitude will eventually find an exit into the open. May the Holy Spirit ever guide us into a good association, in Jesus’ name!
Day 162 -2 Timothy 4:14
Take A Stand
Undoubtedly, our fight is with invisible forces of evil. However, some humans seem to willingly partner with the devil to hurt others.

Week 32

Day 171 -Matthew 26:38
Support System
For mental and emotional stability, everyone must have a web of support to help us through the low points in life.
Day 170 -Exodus 23:2
Crowd Culture
The Word of God must set the pace for us, not the opinion of the majority.
Day 169 -Proverbs 15:1
Ahithophel was the most intelligent counselor in the whole of David’s kingdom. However, when he defected to the side of evil, God humiliated him by reducing his revered acumen to foolishness.
Please, sorry, and thanks. Undoubtedly, the sincere and frequent use of these words nurtures healthy personal and corporate interactions.
We have superior protection in YAHWEH

Week 31

Day 156 -Judges 16:30
Never Again
Like other examples in the Bible, Samson’s tragedy remains a crucial lesson for us today.
Day 155 -Luke 19:45
Holy Anger
Out adversary is fierce and ruthless that we cannot engage him with diplomacy…let’s confront evil with the holy anger and godly aggression.
Day 154 -Psalm 31:9
It is not strange for even the most devout believer to experience physical pain and grief in this life. 
Day 153 -1 John 4:4
One admirable feature of eagles is their unbreakable spirit, even in the storm. The eagle utilizes the power of the winds to soar.
Day 152 -2 Corinthians 4:8-9
Hounded Not Abandoned
Like Israel in the wilderness, encountering hostilities from multiple angles in this life should not be lost on believers.

Week 32

Day 16 -Psalm 56:3
Remedy for Fear
Even the most courageous would become fearful occasionally. However, fear prompts us of our need to trust in God that He is able and willing to protect us.
Day 160 -Isaiah 45:19
Culture of Dysfunction
People admire evil but hate the good; prefer making quick money to hard work and decent earning; celebrate the morally bankrupt and blasphemers of God.
Day 159 -Ecclesiastes 7:21
Health Heart
A talebearer has a sweet tongue, but eventually, it stings like a scorpion; their venom-filled words spread in the heart of their victim and cause grief.
Day 158 -Isaiah 41:10
To The Rescue
n dire straits, we may not feel like it, but God is still with us; for a divine purpose, He will deliver in His time and by His means.
Day 157 -Psalm 119:89
Cardinal Lesson
Due to the human engineering ingenuity, stakeholders of the Titanic described it as “unsinkable.” But the rest is now history.

Week 29

Day 146 -Proverbs 12:25
Mental Health
We can combat depression by speaking with consideration and compassion to one another. May we be part of healing people and not hurting them.
Day 145 -Romans 15:13
We need to anchor our life in the finished work. Remember, life is only worth living through Yeshua HaMashiach!
Day 144 -Proverbs 13:20
A Role Model
We may acquaint ourselves with various people, but we must guard against opening our hearts and minds to the wrong ones.
Day 143 -Exodus 22:25
Unjust System
In the name of a free-market economy, the system is rigged against the socio-economic mobility of the ordinary person…the struggling poor get saddled with killer interest.
Day 142 -Matthew 5:37
Just The Truth
We must not swear or take an oath before anyone or thing. Let’s only communicate truth and leave the rest to Yahweh, the righteous Judge!

Week 30

Day 151 -1 Thessalonians 5:18
Fight Back with Praise
The Devil’s strategy is to make us hate our Creator and Lord, period! By the help of the Holy Spirit, we will ever love Yahweh and remain on His side
Day 150 -1 Thessalonians 5:18
Fight Back with Praise
Remember, worshipping God in difficult times is not an attempt at escapism; instead, it allows us to gain a healthy perspective that God is in command of human affairs.
Day 147 -Isaiah 40:31
Old Faithful
Faith, hope, and devotion are to God what a loyal servant, regardless of age, is to a good master. 
Day 148 -Hebrews 10:38
Forward Ever
Some of us are determined to keep following the Messiah. By the special grace of God, we shall not quit.
Day 147 -Matthew 28:27
As long as we live in a fallen world, we cannot avoid the burdens associated with human existence. 

Week 27

Day 136 -Ephesians 3:20
All Praise to JAH
our faith must go beyond all that and focus on the source of God’s unlimited power, which is the Cross.
Day 135 -Isaiah 12:2
He is Enough
It is enough to have Yahweh as STRENGTH – the bedrock of life; SONG – the source of joy; and SALVATION – pillar of protection and deliverance.
Day 134 -1 Peter 1:13
Never Say Die
We need mental endurance through meditation upon God’s Word in running the race of faith. May the Holy Spirit keep the fire of hope burning in us till the end
Day 133 -Hebrews 4:16
Never Say Die
After years of enduring the barrage of the details of this life, we need the constant presence of God for strength.
Day 132 - James 4:7
The Real Deal
What scares Satan off is not our tone; it is our attitude of submission to the Almighty God. May our humility before God put Satan to flight in fear.

Week 28

Day 141 -Psalm 4:6
Help is on the Way
May the power of JAH unload deliverance upon you and prove naysayers wrong in the mighty name of Jesus!
Day 140 -1 Corinthians 14:2
Proof of Faith
As true children of Yahweh, may we not be weary in showing kindness even in an uncharitable world,
Day 139 -Psalm 59:16
We are grateful for God’s compassion and deliverances to us when we are undeserving. Let us praise God for His goodness, in Jesus’ name.
Day 138 -Micah 4:5
Ultimate Choice
Under the guise of culture (i.e., art, music, and literature), many people continue to blur the line between God and idols.
Day 137 -Psalm 89:1
God is Good
Let’s pause and consider the many times we fail God, yet His compassion does not fail us.

Week 25

Day 126 - Ecclesiastes 12:13
High Duty
Whatever our vocation, we all have one mission in life – to live in godly fear and obedience to Yahweh, our Creator.
Day 125 -1 Timothy 1:7
What A Privilege
Fear is tormenting and leads to questionable behaviors. Thankfully God gives us power, love and sound mind.
Day 124 -Psalm 8:4
Excess Love
Repentance is the remorseful attitude of making a U-turn from our sinful ways towards God’s way. Repentance is the first step to salvation.
Day 123 -Acts 3.19
Simple but Crucial
Repentance is the remorseful attitude of making a U-turn from our sinful ways towards God’s way. Repentance is the first step to salvation.
Day 122 -Psalm 14:1
Our Highest Offering
Denying the existence of the Creator God is tantamount to denying there is sand while standing on a beach;

Week 26

Day 131 - Deut 3:22
Our Assignment
Let us concentrate on our part in proclaiming the gospel, growing in Christ, and defending the faith.
Day 130 - Matthew 23:23
Unnecessary Controversy
We should not apologize for soliciting funds: By this, the Church carries out the mission of giving hope to orphans and preaching of the gospel.
Day 129 - Matthew 5:44
The Master's Call
Jesus teaches us to love our antagonists, bless foul-mouths, and pray for those who seek to run us of town.
Day 128 - Genesis 8:1
It is reassuring to know that God is mindful of the challenges in our lives and moves to help in His time.
Day 127 - 2 Corinthians 10:4
Our Confidence
The ONE who defends the humble is more armed and unconquerable – JAH has the final say.

Week 23

Day 116 -Psalm 89:9
JAH Is Still In Control
Let us remember, the ultimate power of control is in the hands of the Creator. Whether physical or spiritual.
Day 115 -Jeremiah 31:25
Help From Above
God remembers the humble who seek Him. May Yahweh soothe your pain, dry your tears, and quench your thirst!
Day 114 -Ephesians 4:25
Nothing But The Truth
As part of one body of Christ, speaking falsely to anyone is the same as attempting to derail the entire Church of Christ. Let us mean our yes as yes, no as no.
Day 113 -Psalm 126:6
Be Encouraged
Let us have the mindset of the farmer to endure the tears of sowing with the hope of returns.
Day 112- Deut 15:11
Practical Faith
Regardless of the history of the needy, we must reach out to them. The blessing herein is that the poor can never repay our kindness.

Week 24

Day 121 -Psalm 107:1
Our Highest Offering
God deserves our  thanks. Let’s give YAHWEH all the thanks due Him.
Day 120 -Matthew 6:31
The Great Provider
Despite many challenges, we must learn to cast the burden of daily provision unto the Lord. In an attitude of gratitude, let us consider God’s care of nature.
Day 119 -Mark 14:33
Isolation is Danerous
Even Jesus, in His humanity, had a Peter, James, and John for support in difficult times.
Day 118 -Psalm 91:2
JAH Is All We Have
The Psalmist reminds us that in the scheme of life’s detail, the Creator remains our only help.
Day 117 -Philemon 1:6
A Little Kindness
 If we mind so, we can demonstrate God’s love towards people in many practical ways.

Week 21

Day 106- Romans 12:2
Stand Out
Let us make God’s Word the point of reference for our lives and not the system of this world, which is corrupt by sin.
Day 105- Romans 10:17
Heavenly Connection
Sustaining faith in God that moves the mountain of life challenges comes only through being attentive to God’s Word.
Day 104 -Matthew 18:21-22
Rise Above Them
“if they go low, we go high.” It sums up the attitude we must have towards those who plot our fall.
Day 103 -Revelation 3:11
The Big PIcture
With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will not give up but finish this Christian race in Jesus’ name!
Day 102- Psalm 34:19
Operation Rescue
Thanks to Adam’s fall, all humans, regardless of faith, are bound to face struggles in this life.

Week 22

Day 111- Proverbs 13:3
Expensive Talk
Here is a Danish maxim, “A silent man’s words are not brought into court.” To wit, the ability to bridle the tongue will keep one from many troubles.
Day 110 -Colossians 3:17
Delegated Authority
A believer carries Heaven’s mandate through the name of Jesus.
Day 109 - Psalm 27:13
Not Forgotten
God gives us a taste of the bliss of eternity with Him; this keeps us from becoming despondent.
Day 108 -John 14:6
important Reminder
Thanks to science and technology, the way humans live, communicate, and travel has changed significantly and forever
Day 107- Psalm 34:1
Therapy for the Soul
If the Lord were not on our side, the details of this life would have easily crushed even the strongest of us.

Week 19

Day 96 -Philippians 4:11
One of the most liberating dispositions a believer can cultivate is contentment
Day 95 -John 14:27
His Peace
The Lord has mercifully given us peace for the protection of our hearts and minds
Day 94 -1 Corinthians 13:7
All Things
Whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, easy or difficult, love yields to God’s program without whining
Day 93 -Hebrews 13:16
Brother's Keeper
Considering the current environment, it is critical we go the extra mile to share our resources with less privileged brethren.
Day 92- Philippians 4:13
Yes, We Can!
The essential feature in every situation is not what we go through; it is who is with us.

Week 20

Day 101 -Epheisans 1:2
Our Survival Kit
It is clear from all indications that we live in chaotic times. And if there is anything we need most, they are grace and peace. 
Day 100 -Psalm 9:2
Our Secret Weapon
May the praise of JAH continually be in our hearts and on our lips.
Day 99 -Genesis 50:20
Just Ignore Them
One of the most effective tools in the devil’s bag of tricks is to get us so fixated on people who seek our hurt.
Day 98- Matthew 5:3
Kingdom Attitude
Regardless of our social status, may we be humble and devoted singly to God’s Kingdom
Day 97- Nahum 1:7
An Amazing Thought
God takes inventory of those who place their confidence in Him.

Week 17

Day 86 - John 13:34
The Love Test
If we hope to spend eternity together in God’s presence, we need to start loving ourselves now!
Day 85 - Matthew 6:6
Keep The Secret
Personal prayer before God is a private affair – between the prayer and God. May our secret prayers hit their Heavenly target.
Day 84 - John 5:39
The Key
Greatness is the disposition to be a servant of the people rather than a master. Regardless of the level of our delegated authority, may we remain humble, in Jesus’ name!
Day 83 - Matt 23:11
The Pursuit of Greatness
Greatness is the disposition to be a servant of the people rather than a master. Regardless of the level of our delegated authority, may we remain humble, in Jesus’ name!
Day 82 - Rom 13:10
Genuine Love
May the love of God constrain us to treat others well, without discrimination.

Week 18

Day 91- Romans 10:13
Just A Call Away
“Anyone of any background – Jew or Gentile, black or white, male or female, rich or poor – who comes to God by faith through Jesus is accepted”
Day 90 -Colossians 4:2
Mind The Instruction
God has given three directives for our protection, uplifting, and growth; The Word, prayer and vigilance.
Day 89 - Matthew 19:20
It Ain't Funny
We ought to wonder if an impeccable, natural-born Jew kept all the Ten Commandments yet had no salvation;
Day 88 - Galatians 1:6
It Is Very Sad
Remember, God has not designed any of the Ten Commandments, including the Sabbath, to save anyone. It is the CROSS and nothing else!
Day 87 - Hebrews 13:15
A Gift Befitting The King
Praising God with all our hearts, especially in tough times, is the most precious single act that assures God of our loyalty to Him.

Week 16

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Day 81 - It's That Simple
Like a flock of sheep, humans need only three essentials provisions to live successfully in this world.
Day 80 - Undisputed Owner
The universe still belongs to God, and we remain His people. May the good pleasure of Adonai Echad – the only God and Master – be done in our lives today
Day 79 - Good Team Spirit
Remember, we are not contestants – we are collaborators in God’s Kingdom!
Day 78 - Just Resist
The mind is chiefly a fierce battleground of this life. May our minds ever stay on JAH, in Jesus’ name!
Day 77 - Unmeasurable Honor
May Yahweh ever remain our sufficiency in Jesus’ name!

Sunday Sermon

Encountering Jesus

by Pastor Seth Bempong, April 25, 2021


10:00-12:30pm, in-person
Noordpolderkade 167
2516 JE, Den Haag

Bible Study, via zoom

Prayer meeting, in-person
Currently suspended due to curfew

Week 15

Day 76 - The Cost of MIssions!

The apostles were beaten and humiliated simply for preaching Christ as the Savior. May the Holy Spirit grant us the courage to suffer as ambassadors of Yeshua HaMashiach.

Day 75 - Humility of Mind

We must stop the wailing of unbelief and start waiting on God in faith and awe. Remember, regardless of the situation around us, Yahweh is still on His throne!

Day 74 - Humility of Mind

Let us seek to be great, not ordinary, by being humble!

Day 73- The Highest Plea

Even amidst His suffering, Christ had so much compassion for sinful humanity and begged for us.

Day 72 - Note This!

it is our responsibility to surrender to the Holy Spirit, who would, in turn, produce sanctification, which is the accompaniment of salvation.

Week 14

Day 71 -Fake Gospel

Remember, God does not evaluate our faith by worldly possession, social status, nor the position of influence.

Day 70 -Resist The Mind Games

When everyone is claiming to speak for God, how do we discern the truth?

Day 69 -It's A Rough Road

The future of genuine Christianity belongs to those who are willing to carry their cross and endure a little suffering for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Day 68 -The Theology Must Change

It is time to examine what we are feeding the flock – Christ or populism, eternity or materialism?

Day 67 -The Unbeatable Truth
We don’t need anyone to rewrite the triumphant history of the Savior; the evidence glaringly stirs the world in the face – the tomb remains empty,