Acts Revival Church International

Acts Revival
Church International

“…declaring to you the counsel of God.” – Acts 20:27

Let the peace of God
rule in your hearts…

– Colossians 3:15

Meditation for the week

Day 116 -Psalm 89:9
JAH Is Still In Control
Let us remember, the ultimate power of control is in the hands of the Creator. Whether physical or spiritual.
Day 115 -Jeremiah 31:25
Help From Above
God remembers the humble who seek Him. May Yahweh soothe your pain, dry your tears, and quench your thirst!
Day 114 -Ephesians 4:25
Nothing But The Truth
As part of one body of Christ, speaking falsely to anyone is the same as attempting to derail the entire Church of Christ. Let us mean our yes as yes, no as no.
Day 113 -Psalm 126:6
Be Encouraged
Let us have the mindset of the farmer to endure the tears of sowing with the hope of returns.
Day 112- Deut 15:11
Practical Faith
Regardless of the history of the needy, we must reach out to them. The blessing herein is that the poor can never repay our kindness.

Sunday Sermon

Encountering Jesus

by Pastor Seth Bempong, April 25, 2021


10:00-12:30pm, in-person
Noordpolderkade 167
2516 JE, Den Haag

Bible Study, via zoom

Prayer meeting, in-person
Currently suspended due to curfew