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Acts Revival
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“…declaring to you the counsel of God.” – Acts 20:27

Meditation for the week

Caleb was eighty years old when the mantle of leadership fell on his colleague, Joshua, after the demise of Moses. He did not allow his advanced age nor anything to short-circuit his divine destiny. Similarly, let us commit to utilizing our gifts to make the most impact in people’s lives and bring the highest glory to Yahweh. Hence, we must not dismiss the slightest opportunity and spare no endeavor to let Christ shine in our lives in 2023.

Day 5-Keep It Under Control
Ephesians 4:26

As part of a natural self-defense mechanism, anger is a helpful emotion; righteous rage is a barometer signaling something is amiss. Yet protracted, uncontrolled anger undermines our capacity to make wise decisions. 

Day 4-Use But Don't Abuse It:
Exodus 12:11

We can liken the Passover event to the fleeting nature of our life in this world. Like Israel on that night.. whenever we have something good going on, remember we are pilgrims; this world is still not our home. 

Day 3-Guidance
Psalm 32:8

a GPS device on the move needs no fewer than four satellites to ensure accurate calculation for travel. Notwithstanding, we have a far superior system – the Word and the Holy Spirit – to enable us to navigate…

Day 2-Redemption
Ephesians 1:7

To redeem means ‘to buy off’ after satisfying the conditions: The entrance of sin into the world gave Satan the right to own us. Consequently, Satan could torment humanity with any device for his pleasure. 

Day 1-Kingdom Business
Acts 18:10

It goes without saying that recent past years’ events have been tempestuous, notably covid-19 and the conflict in Ukraine. Notwithstanding, we are sure of Yahweh’s deliverance as we remain busy harnessing our God-given potential for the good of our community …


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