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“…declaring to you the counsel of God.” – Acts 20:27

Week 17 2022

Day 91-Praise Him
Psalm 28:7

Regardless of the philosophy of fallen humanity, a wealthy and happy person is not the one with untold worldly possession and power. The genuinely blessed is he that simply trusts Yahweh without reservation and praises Him at all times. Let’s give thanks to Jah in Jesus’ name!

Day 90-But God
Isaiah 41:10

It is disheartening when the people you have gone out of your way to give succor turn around and boldly stab you. Such a situation may seem as though the whole world is against you. But let us take solace in the ever-faithful One, Yahweh – He remains in our corner.

Week 18 - 2022

Day 89-Supernatural Health
Romans 8:26

It is clear from all indications that situations in the world have become chaotic. Our challenges are numerous and diverse as they are complex. It is impossible to figure out a way of escape without divine help in such conditions.

Week 15 2022

Day 84-A Good Example
Hebrews 10:24

Admittedly, we do not earn salvation – it is God’s gracious gift we received by faith. However, salvation becomes questionable if our attitude or deeds do not reflect the faintest semblance of Christ.

Day 83-Under Yahweh's Watch
Genesis 17:1

Often, the enemy of our soul slanders the integrity of God – making it seem that God does not care for His own. However, we must not pay attention to the master of lies. Instead, we must remain in faith, obedience, and righteousness in Christ.

Day 82-Emotional Intelligence
Genesis 45:8

The 37th President of the U.S.A., Richard Nixon, said, “Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.” The ability to guard the heart against hatred is key to overcoming treachery.

Day 81- Keep on Growing
Ephesians 5:19

Apart from medical remedies, God, in His wisdom, has provided a way to assuage the mental and emotional pressures of life. There is power in psalms (worship songs with instruments), hymns (vocal songs), and spiritual songs (spontaneous, Holy Spirit-induced scriptural songs).

Day 80- The Elephant is in the Room
Romans 8:22

Like all life’s challenges, none is exempt from mental health issues. Tragically, most believers simplistically dismiss mental illness as a spiritual issue: However, we can combine prayer and professional therapy to help the afflicted.

Week 16 - 2022

Day 89-Supernatural Health
Romans 8:26

It is clear from all indications that situations in the world have become chaotic. Our challenges are numerous and diverse as they are complex. It is impossible to figure out a way of escape without divine help in such conditions.

Day 88-Our Big God
1 Samuel 17:26

“With the audacity of faith, like David, we must stop talking about how big our enemy is and start telling the enemy how big our God is”

Day 87-Good Living
Psalm 37:4

The only way to enjoy genuine peace and keep life in order is to remain in fellowship and friendship with the singular source of genuine joy – Yeshua HaMashiach.

Day 86-No Weapon
Isaiah 54:17

It is surreal to observe the trajectory of hate; enemies increase conspiracy as they form new and strange confederations. The situation intensifies if we attempt self-vindication. 

Day 85-Securtiy and Safety
Psalm 18:2

 Earthly protection may be necessary under certain conditions. However, whether it is a company of strong men or the world’s greatest army, Yahweh’s security for His own has no comparison. What is more, there are no monthly bills…

Week 13 2022

Day 74- The Greatest Deal
John 3:16

God appeased His wrath against sin and its incriminating attachments by sacrificing His incarnate Word. This move means we have the only opportunity to escape divine alienation and punishment.

Day 73- A Corporate Call
Matthew 5:13

The Lord reminds His disciples of being the preservative to keep the earth from moral decay. The implication is that the church is the last bastion of hope for the world.

Day 72- Not An Easy Road
Romans 5:3-4

We save ourselves from depression, confusion, and being led astray by keeping away from hawkers of the prosperity gospel and snake-oil-selling self-appointed prophets. 

Day 71- The Countdown
Matthew 24:8

Something more terrible happens when we think we have seen the worst. Nevertheless, the faithful Christian and keen Bible student would know that only the return of the Lord will end the deterioration of the present world.

Day 70- The People of God
Matthew 5:9

An essential mark of a genuine believer is not rigid religiosity or a claim to self-righteousness. Instead, it is eschewing divisiveness and upholding reconciliation and harmony through love.

Week 14 - 2022

Day 79- Mother of All Sacrifices
Isaiah 53:5

Adam’s fall resulted in a severe breach in our relationship with our Creator and damaged our souls beyond recognition. The cost of pacification was so high that the sacrifice of all animals would not suffice. Graciously, Jesus paid the penalties for our redemption on the cross.

Day 78- Leadership by Example
John 13:14

Most leaders behave as though they are entitled to worship by all others. However, the example of Jesus teaches that true leaders ought to serve their followers rather than the other way round. May we develop the heart to serve, to God’s glory!

Day 77- Tested by Fire
James 1:2-3

Although tests are harsh and unpleasant, we become weak and saggy without them. Remember that regardless of the source of the trials, they are opportunities for our faith to grow stronger and enlarge.

Day 76- Generous Offer
Romans 10:13

The sin-absolving, death-defeating, and eternal life-giving power in the blood of Jesus give every sinner a fair shake at salvation. The operative words in this verse are “whoever calls;” it only requires humility and determination for discipleship. 

Day 75- None Righteous
Romans 3:23-24

As far as the Holiness of God is concerned, no human being born of a woman and man can hold themselves up as guiltless. Thanks to the Cross, believers have obtained salvation; this is what the narrative of Easter is all about.

Week 11 2022

Day 64- True Fellowship
Hebrews 10:25

We need to appreciate the advanced technology of social media platforms which kept many connected during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we cannot substitute old-fashioned, warm-blooded, in-person fellowship with the brethren.

Day 63- Yahweh Remains Faithful
Psalm 40:1

Admittedly, waiting for God’s time can be challenging amid pain, fears, and tears; …However, there are also enough testimonies showing that God would eventually act on behalf of the righteous.

Day 62- The Help of the Helpless
Psalm 68:5

An orphan loses life’s role model and provider; a widow loses companionship and security. Thankfully, Yahweh cares for those so afflicted, especially the godly ones. Let us not hurt such, or God would react.

Day 61- Be Mindful of This
Ecclesiastes 12:14

Due to narrow selfish interests and sheer desire to inflict pain, humans engage in wickedness against each other. But we must bear in mind that regardless of the background of the people we hurt, Yahweh will eventually react.

Day 60- It's the Giver Not the Gifts
Exodus 33:15
It is ok to ask God for things, but it is better to crave His presence and know Him more. As Moses acknowledged, we need more than gifts to succeed in our earthly pilgrimage; we need Yahweh!

Week 12 - 2022

Day 69- It's Only Jesus
John 4:14

we must realize that our life does not depend on any prophet, not even Moses, Jacob, or Elijah. Only Yeshua HaMashiach gives eternal life and authentic love and fills with the Holy Spirit.

Day 68- Spiritual Formation
Galatians 5:22-23

Indeed, we did not have to contribute anything to our salvation – it is a gift of God’s grace. However, as disciples, we need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to reform us to reflect God’s nature.

Day 67- It Is Deep
Romans 5:8

There is no more excellent way for God to prove or firmly establish His love for us than sacrificing His Son on the cross on our behalf, even when we were rebellious.

Day 66- A True Companion
Psalm 34:18

Most who flock around as friends in good times would not hesitate to abandon ship when they perceive no more benefits. On the contrary, Yahweh sticks around the humble regardless of their condition.

Day 65- False Debate
John 20:31

The core message of the Bible is to give humanity God’s way of redemption through Jesus. Thus, let’s shun the repackaged hellish fallacy regarding lost portions of the Bible. The revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach is sufficient.

Week 11 2022

Day 55- Warning
Matthew 7:6
We often set ourselves up for disappointments when we hasten to give what we value to the wrong persons. To avoid unnecessary tension and abuse, we must build relationships on mutual love, respect, appreciation, and confidentiality. 
Day 54- Human Deficiencies
Psalm 34:10
the most ingenious person has inadequacies. But the sufficiency of the faithful and humble is in Yahweh; they win where the mightiest and craftiest lose. May the Lion of Judah ever protect and provide for us!
Day 53- Remember This
Daniel 2:12
When Nebuchadnezzar desperately needed someone to tell him his dream and its interpretation thereof, his charmers were hopelessly incapable. To wit, apart from the Lord God, no one can determine anyone’s destiny nor have the ability to interpret..
Day 52- JAH Has the Final Say
Isaiah 54:17
Satan intensifies his assault on Christ’s Church as his end gets nearer. The enemy employs visible and invisible devices; capitalizing on our sinful nature, he pelts accusations on us.
Day 51- Take it Easy
Proverbs 18:14
As long as we live with the Adamic nature, we can expect battles from satanic forces and human wickedness. But with faith in Christ, our spirit will not be broken by the challenging details of life.

Week 12 - 2022

Day 59- A Weapon of Choice
Proverbs 16:24

A gun and knife in the hands of an evil person kills and maims; so does the tongue of an inconsiderate, selfish, and mean person. Let’s learn to utter words that promote the well-being of others rather than cutting them down.

Day 57- Rooted in Christ
Jeremiah 29:13
Giving the trend of current challenges, knowing God intimately and personally is key to having a healthy perspective on life… we must not allow room for other gods in our hearts.
Day 56- Through It All
Psalm 93:1
Currently, there are calamities…these are the results of human greed and rebellion against the living God. Notwithstanding, nothing changes the sovereignty of the Creator nor His purpose for the world He made.

Week 9- 2022

Day 45- Hospitality
Leviticus 19:34
Regardless of the present status, the rest of us have previously tasted some form of poverty … May this keep us humble and remind us to treat the needy and vulnerable around us with empathy and respect. 
Day 44- Surrounded, But Not Taken
2 Thessalonians 3:3
Vicious people who operate as willing allies for the devil may encircle us. However, our Redeemer, the covenant-keeping God, has the ultimate power; He will continue to shield and preserve us…
Day 43- Leave All to JAH
Psalm 46:10
With so much socio-economic injustice and geo-political tyranny in this world, it is natural for the least compassionate person to worry. However, the Scripture admonishes us not to panic but remain trusting in the Living God.
Day 42- The Fear Trap
Proverbs 29:25
Fear of a fellow human being is blackmail to the soul; from such comes flattery and hypocrisy. Remember to love and honor people, not to fear any. Reverential awe is only for Yahweh, the Creator.
Day 41- Snickering Humanity
1 Peter 3:15
 It is sad to observe how humans, with a finite mind, could have the boldness to ridicule the existence of Yahweh, belittle His written word, and mock everything He has revealed of Himself.

Week 10 - 2022

Day 50- Repentance
1 John 1:9
Knowing our fallen nature, God is not surprised by our sin. Our attitude towards sin angers God the most – our attempts to be self-righteous or justify and legitimize our transgressions.
Day 49- Charity
1 John 3:18
It is good to profess love in a world of so much human suffering. However, it is better to show it – by action and attitude. Better still, it pleases God more when we demonstrate love towards those who may not like us very much.
Day 48- Stricken, But Not Crushed
isaiah 40:29
The world’s situation seems to be not getting any better. We are barely out of the woods with the COVID devastation; now we have a globally affected war in Ukraine. What happens next?
Day 47- A Lost Generation
Judges 2:10
We leave the future generation with nothing of value to live on if we fail to give them a legacy of godly fear through the Word of God. May Yahweh have mercy on our progeny in Jesus’ name!
Day 46- Honors
Matthew 26:13
Apart from the woman Jesus referenced here, this Scripture teaches us to appreciate even the small contribution of people in our lives. For example, the small gift, worth a million dollars, in our time of need.

Week 7- 2022

Day 35- Resilience
Ephesians 1:17
As believers, we survive on maintaining mental strength. And the source of our endurance is the revelation knowledge of God; it keeps us going even in the face of adversity. 
Day 34- Living Skills
Proverbs 16:16
In Hebrew, the root word for wisdom, ‘khokma,’ means “to have a skill.” Thus, let us crave the old-fashioned word of God, and we would develop the acumen to live well even without the frills of modernity. 
Day 33- Social Responsibility
Galatians 2:10
 Despite the attempts to close the wealth gap, we would always have the poor or less privileged. Therefore, it behooves us to be kind and share when we have the least capacity to do so; it helps keep us humane.
Day 32- Sing and Not Sink
Psalm 47:6
The arch-enemy, Satan knows the value of us praising God; hence he will go to any length to prevent us from doing so. For instance, Israel sang and defeated their enemies; David sang, and demons fled; 
Day 31- Jah's Presence
Psalm 23:4
It is human for anyone to dread the thought of illness, death, or some calamity. However, we can have a healthier outlook on life when we grasp the revelation that God is for us and not against us.

Week 8 - 2022

Day 40- Human Nature
Luke 16:10
The African American actor Will Smith said, “Money and success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.” It may only take a little taste at power, possession, or position to know a person’s true character;…
Day 39- Availability not Ability
John 15:5
Living as a disciple of Christ is not by human strength nor lip service. We need to remain conjoined or inseparable to Christ; this allows the Holy Spirit to work and reproduce Christ’s nature in us.
Day 38- Still Be Kind
Genesis 15:1
When God called Abraham, he took Lot, his nephew, along. Even after a dispute, Abraham continued to extend help to Lot. Abraham did all this because he was not expecting repayment from Lot but from God.
Day 37- A Big Heart
Isaiah 58:6
We negate our spiritual exercises, including praying and fasting, when we neglect to demonstrate empathy, hospitality, and mercy towards the weak and needy.
Day 36- A Sacred Brand
Hebrews 12:14
Like holiness or righteousness, peace-loving is a sure mark of belonging to God. Therefore, in a world of hostility, vendetta, and desire for retaliation, let us work toward peace with all if it is within our capacity.

Week 5- 2022

Day 25- Don't Quit
Hebrews 10:38
…many quit under challenging times and revert to the comfort zone of self-pity and mediocrity. But it takes enduring faith in the Lord, determination, and dedication to hard work to keep moving in hard times.
Day 24- Keep Your Cool
Ecclesiastes 7:21
Seeking to know every undesirable remark people make would ruin a good day. Remember, people sneered at the Lord, but He ignored them. Do not give attention to destructive comments; they might infect your disposition.
Day 23- It is Finished
John 19:30
Regardless of innuendos and direct assaults, no power can overturn the verdict of the cross. Thereon, the Lord nailed our sins and punishment. The blood that flowed from the cross continues to defend believers…
Day 22- Dangerous Exposure
Isaiah 39:4
 It is not always prudent to reveal much about ourselves and our loved ones. Especially in the era of social media, unnecessary exposure of our treasures may turn costly.
Day 21- First Love
Revelation 2:4
The name of our church, facilities, big crowd, music, and programs are great, but we must not misconstrue them for authentic worship of the Father. 

Week 6

Day 30- Yahweh is Sovereign
Matthew 20:15
Thankfully, God does not need our opinion in administering His generosity to others. Let us be grateful for our portion and not begrudge God’s favor for someone else.
Day 29- Hindrance to Progress
Proverbs 13:18
We may not all become multi-billionaires nor as intelligent as Albert Einstein. However, all can prosper and know God. Poverty brings humiliation, numbs self-esteem, and confines people to slavery.
Day 28- Existential Threat
Exodus 4:19
By all means, we should pray for those who offend or despise us. But it is not prudent to expose ourselves to anyone who actively seeks our outright obliteration.
Day 27- Work Matters
2 Thessalonians 3:10
Since the fall, sweat in the face became the means to feed ourselves. It shows that the remedy for abject poverty for the non-disabled is not prayer nor some spiritual exercise; it is work.
Day 26- Hold On
Romans 8:18
Like the apostle Paul, we all have our stints with harsh realities of this life: troubles do not serve notice; they just hit. Notwithstanding, sufferings pale into insignificance in light of God’s promise of eternal exaltation.

Week 3- 2022

Day 15- The Bond of Peace
Psalm 133:1
What binds Christians is not earthly such as nationality, language, race, social interests, or even a religious creed. Instead, our bond is the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.
Day 14- A Gentle Reminder
1 Timothy 6:7
After all the pushing and shoving in this life, what do we hope to achieve? Wealth, power, or fame? Remember, those who thought to have it all left everything when departing this world.
Day 13- Explosives
1 Samuel 17:40
Defeating the enemy of our soul is not with empty rituals through things such as oils, candles, or holy water. Like David, we need simple but spiritually powerful weapons;
Day 12- Back to the Bible
Joshua 1:8
It is crucial to remember that there is no greater power, spiritual gift, or resource in the world than God’s Word. Let us make the Word our point of reference in life, and we will have wisdom and stability in Jesus’ name!
Day 11- Protect Your Aspirations
Genesis 37:5
Admittedly, Joseph prospered despite the difficulties he encountered in life. However, we can learn valuable lessons of shielding our concepts in their infancy in hindsight.

Week 4

Day 20- Keep it Healthy
PSalm 27:14
Like the wheels of a vehicle, the heart carries us through life’s bumpy roads of disappointments, failures, hurts, and pressures. Consequently, we cannot allow situations to bruise and weaken our hearts.
Day 19- Executive Privilege
Hebrews 10:19
The blood of Jesus overrides excessive bureaucracy of the Law to grant believers direct access to God’s throne. What an excellent arrangement! ! Therefore, we need not hesitate to seek Heaven’s help when we are in trouble.
Day 18- Get it Right
John 2:24
Perhaps humans are the most wonderful of all God’s creations. However, the presence of sin has stunted and profoundly destabilized our personality, making us notoriously unreliable.
Day 17- Tongue Discipline
Genesis 9:22
We violate the principle of believer-priesthood confidentiality when we divulge information others have shared with us in trust.
Day 16- Keeping It Together
Philippians 4:7
Admittedly, life is thorny; and there is no sign of things becoming better anytime soon. The only way to maintain our sanity, despite the pressures, is to keep our hearts on God’s Word.

Week 1- 2022

Day 5- Be Watchful
Proverbs 14:15
Fraudsters usually use coercion and manipulation to ply their diabolic trade. Thus, regardless of feelings over an issue, it is wise to ponder a little before making a move…
Day 4- Egoism
Philippians 2:3
The ego, which is exaggerated self-importance, destroys the harmony in a community if we do not hold it in check. May God grant us the grace to be humble and big-hearted for His glory. 
Day 3- Avoid Them
Jeremiah 23:21
Self-appointed, mostly demon-possessed prophets are loud and arrogant, fraudulent, and materialistic; they create confusion, division, and fear in their victims.
Day 2- Unique
Numbers 6:27
Yahweh, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, remains the only God with the capacity to bless His people. May this difference indelibly mark you and yours in the mighty name of Yeshua HaMashiach!
Day 1- Mind Your Step
Proverbs 12:15
we cannot rely on the map of human wisdom to navigate 2022. May the Yahweh ever direct our path, in Jesus’ name!

Week 2

Day 10- Protect Your Aspirations
Genesis 37:5
Admittedly, Joseph prospered despite the difficulties he encountered in life. However, we can learn valuable lessons of shielding our concepts in their infancy in hindsight.
Day 9- They Dare Not
Numbers 24:9
God has already programmed repercussions into the conducts of anyone toward His own. Let’s use our precious time in worship, praises, and supplications and leave vengeance to Yahweh!
Day 7- Something's Go to Give
Genesis 32:24
Occasionally, we need to be alone with God, such as Jacob’s experience. For years, Jacob lived by schemes and strategies and became wealthy, though, but without conversion.
Day 8- Beyond Disappointments
Genesis 40:23
Remember, people may fail to keep their word, not necessarily because they are evil; they are simply imperfect humans with limitations.
Day 6- Deliverance
2 Timothry 4:18
The Almighty God is capable of protecting those who trust Him. Regardless of what comes, may the Lord of hosts deliver us in the mighty name of Jesus!