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“…declaring to you the counsel of God.” – Acts 20:27

“It is finished!”

– John 19:30

Meditation for the week

Day 99-The Uncomfortable Truth
1 Peter 2:21

It is long overdue to realize that the ‘prosperity gospel’ is simply a farce. Becoming followers of Jesus is about stewardship; stewardship is not about self-promotion or life in luxury; it is about service and sacrifice.

Day 98-Glory to God
Revelation 14:7

It is facetious how people would fawn over to gain the attention of fellow mortals because of possession, position, or power. The one who truly deserves glory and unvarnished recognition is the creator and final authority. Let us respect everyone, no matter their status, and glorify only Yahweh in Jesus’ name!

Day 97-Holy Spirit-Activated Impulse
Romans 8:1

We cannot overemphasize the efficacy and sufficiency of the atonement at Calvary. Through the finished work, we have forgiveness and justification, freeing us from the condemnation of sin forever.

Day 96-Practical Faith
Micah 6:8

… with the help of the Holy Spirit, it should not be a tall order to live as follows: Dealing with fairness and generosity towards people (horizontal relationship) and demonstrating humility before God (vertical relationship). 

Day 95-Our God Shall Reign Forever
Habakkuk 2:14

… not only do mere mortals disregard the omnipotent One, but many also deny His very existence. Notwithstanding, the Creator of all things has His signature on all creation. Those privileged to have Yahweh as our Father will always worship and remain faithful to Him.

Sunday Sermon

Encountering Jesus

by Pastor Seth Bempong


10:00-12:30pm, in-person
Noordpolderkade 167
2516 JE, Den Haag

Bible Study, via zoom

Prayer meeting, in-person
Currently suspended due to curfew