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“…declaring to you the counsel of God.” – Acts 20:27

“It is finished!”

– John 19:30

Meditation for the week

Day 196-Elevation
1 Samuel 2:8

It is enriching to the soul to regularly read and ponder Hannah’s prayer of thanksgiving to Yahweh. It’s incredible how this Mighty God of creation seeks to fellowship and elevate the lowly rather than the high and mighty of this world.

Day 195-Stand Up or Bow Out!
Psalm 144:1

It is understandable to have an aversion to conflicts as human beings. However, God will not necessarily solve our problems; He trains and equips us to do it through the tough times we experience.

Sunday Sermon

Encountering Jesus

by Pastor Seth Bempong


10:00-12:30pm, in-person
Noordpolderkade 167
2516 JE, Den Haag

Bible Study, via zoom

Prayer meeting, in-person
Currently suspended due to curfew